Will Denovan wakes up in the woods, and doesn't know why or how he got there. He looks like he has been there a while, but he has no memory of what brought him to this strange place. His only goal is to get back to his family.

Half the story is told in the woods, the other half is told in his memory. Flashing back to how he met his wife, How he rose as a realestate broker, how they had a daughter. But a different picture starts to emerge as he remembers his struggle with prescription medication, his hunger for wealth, and the cracks that start to show in his family life.

He has too many secrets and his split personality is starting to show. He is trapped by expectations of his work, his family, and most of all himself... He has to find a way of getting out of the woods and fixing what he has broken in his family life. But will he ever get out of the woods?