Excellence is not just something to strive for, it is a principle to live by. The Initiative takes a step outside of the box for fresh ideas and a creative outlook that makes our productions unique. We offer a range of services, so let us help you create something wonderful.
— Jason Solari






Does your company need a boost? We can help! Let us film and edit your very own promo video quickly without compromising quality. We have already successfully produced advert for companies such as Bib & Spoon who have a passion for healthy organic food for infants. And Niki Teljega, a successful fashion designer based here in Brisbane. We've also completed videos for The School of Digital Filmmaking, LA Community and the Kings of Croon. Base Cost $1500


Are you embarking on a great adventure you think others should see too? We want to help by producing a Behind the Scenes video series catered to your needs. It's a great way to give people an in-depth look at what you're doing and take them along with you. Contact Us for a Quote. 




Are you an actor in need of a professional self-test audition? Then let us film it for you! With our friendly staff, we are here to not only help you create a great looking self-test, but to walk alongside you in the process of submitting your audition. Base Cost $200.  


With our excellent staff and editors, we've created several sharp and sophisticated demo reels for budding actors and filmmakers. Having an excellent demo reel is critical in this industry, so let us help you look your best. Base Cost $300 (editing only).